At the outset, let me tell you that I am a naturopath and have succeeded in developing Holistic Healing system where the body’s immune system becomes impregnable, a veritable fortress. I have not had flu or any sickness in the last two decades. The number of times I have taken medicines during this time could be counted on the finger tips of one hand alone. I do not take even analgesic tablets since there is never a need. I firmly believe that all, including senior citizens like me can achieve the same level of physical fitness!

You can attain total health and free yourself from the shackles of  cardio vascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer, Parkinson, cancer & even all types of flu including swine flu with minimum use of medication, rather cure is possible only when your immune system takes over the healing process and medicines are used sparingly in emergency.

Today it is considered normal for a person who has crossed the age of fifty to suffer from one or other health related problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, back ache, asthma, cervical spondylitiis, age related macular degeneration etc. These degenerative diseases can be put off by a decade or two, may be even more by adopting healthy life style. An ounce of prevention is better than pound of cure. The human body is blessed with millions of years of intelligence and our immune system, if made to function properly, is capable of defending against the above ‘degenerative diseases.’ Although many highly qualified doctors recommend integrated treatment (allopaty/homeopathy/ayurved and lifestyle changes), we are so much influenced by generally believed concept that any one recommending an alternative health care system is branded as a quack, spin-doctor, claims are treated as unsubstantiated, unreasonable, misleading, unlawful, false & dismissed outright.

Strong immune system can virtually be ordered to inhabit in your body by following right naturopathic practices which cost very little. We have been fooled into believing that only high cost treatments prescribed by specialists can cure diseases. Thousands suffer from side effects ingesting large quantities of medicines all their life which poison their bodies beyond cure since they do not know that alternative / integrated health care could have cured them completely. Sometimes self medication is worse than the disease. Headache induced by NSAID (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) is a serious epidemic. In the early fifties and before, if a person had a heart attack or stroke, the chances of his survival were minimal or nil. It is true that medical science has succeeded in converting life threatening diseases into manageable health problems. I would go one step further & prove that there is no need to come to a stage where life threatening disease affects you. Even if you are already suffering from health problem, use medicines to tide over the situation and along with medicines use naturopathic ways to strengthen internal systems gradually to cast off the medicinal crutches since this gives you internal strength coming from within the body not by artificial means. Strong immune system can prevent any flu including H1N1, bird flu, chickengunian to habitat in human cells and health experts state that it can be prevented by simple precautions, use of GFSE and Vitamin D3.

Doctors advise caution against family history of any disease. Although hypertension is hereditary in my family, I am leading a healthy life at the age of 67 without any kind of medications although my piloting profession where I handle biggest ships in the most complicated channel and port is full of tension, irregular day and night routine. I can do 1000 skip jumps nonstop, scaled down from 2500 without sign of arthritis. This proves that genetic predisposition to any disease can be overcome by observing proper life style. Research has proved that main cause of disease is enzymatic, nutritional and hormonal deficiencies to a great extent. Old age bio-markers like near sight, high blood pressure, blood sugar, difficulty in hearing and lipid profile in my case are similar to those in a healthy person in twenties without taking any medicines. To be modest, everyone can simply be as healthy as I am!!!

Holistic Healing is based on reviving internal healing power to strengthen our immune system by comprehensive understanding and observance of proper diet, exercises, meditation and miniature magnetic acupuncture/pressure which I would explain later.  Our body’s miraculous healing process can be harnessed to bid good bye to all the diseases. The detailed explanation on these three aspects has been given in my book. When Dr. Dean Ornish said medicine alone could not reduce heart attacks / stroke but you needed to change life style, it became a big news in the world which Yoga has been preaching for centuries!!! Answer to every health problem is not another pill and solution to every disease does not lie in new vaccine.

Like a well maintained machine, if all the organs (mitochondria – factories in cells) function properly degeneration of body can be delayed by decades. Oxygen deprived cells in the body are perfect sight for micro-organisms, virus, harmful bacteria & germs.  Mosquitoes do not make water puddles but use them as habitat. A person cannot be diabetic, hypertensive, if proper nutrients, minerals, vitamins are available in the blood. When body has adequate stock of T killer cells, anti body producing B cells and natural killer cells, even cancer virus can’t survive in the body. For every disease body has a defense mechanism including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson. Our autoimmune system is on guard against invading agents 24 hours a day & seven days a week. There cannot be 26/11 in a vigilant body. I cannot describe all autoimmune functions in a short article but are you aware that body’s alert immune system causes apoptosis – surrounds and orders virus to commit suicide? A person suffering from serious disease is an indication of failure of autoimmune system at cellular level caused by disorder in cognitive functions.

Understanding of diet, choice of right food to achieve maximum nutrients in least quantity to prevent obesity, rise in LDL (bad cholesterol), triglycerides(kind of bad fat),total cholesterol, atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries), increasing HDL (good cholesterol) are important factors. Many food items contain cancer neutralizing nutrients. Not only cancer can be prevented but even cured by taking certain special foods, herbs and supplements. Arthritis can be simply overcome by certain supplements without medicines. Diabetes can be totally cured by right food alone. In short, all diseases can be not only prevented but even totally eradicated by naturopathic ways. In fact person who resorts to medicine sparingly, even a fraction of recommended dose produces miraculous results. Unfortunately main stream medicine has hypnotized us so much that majority refuse to believe in integrated treatment.

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